Cognac Brands in Kenya

Every sip of cognac brandy reminds you of the French popular belief that Cognac is made from l’eau de vie (‘the water of life’). Cognac is a protected brandy that must meet certain regulations that define the rich velvety brown spirit. The most expensive grapes used in the production of cognac come from specific regions including Petite Champagne and Charente’s Grande Champagne district. This makes some cognac brands truly luxurious.

Cognac enthusiasts acknowledge that cognac is one of those drinks that hold the secrets to the beauty of life. Sharing a glass of cognac turns your world into everything you ever imagined and more.

More about Cognac

Cognac is a carefully crafted type of brandy that comes from the commune of Cognac, France. Cognac is distilled from base wines that are primarily from Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc, and Colombard. The double distillation happens exclusively in copper pot stills resulting to a clear liquid known as l’eau de vie which has about 70% ABV.

After distillation, the l’eau de vie is put in French oak barrels to start the aging process. The French oak barrels must be sourced from Troncais or Limousin.

Categories of Cognac

Cognac is classified using different label designations to denote the number of years the l’eau de vie has aged in oak barrels. These include

XXO (Extra Extra Old) Aged for 14 years or more in oak cask

XO (Extra Old) –Aged for about 10 years in oak casks

V.S.O.P (Very Superior Old Pale) –Aged for 4 years in casks

V.S (Very Special) - Aged for about 2 years in oak cask

Noteworthy Brands

Over the years, cognac has acquired immense love, fame, and respect by a huge number of cognac enthusiasts. Some of our best-selling brands include;

Hennessy, Courvoisier, Louis XIII, Remy Martin, Martell, Shutsoff, and Camus.

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