Johnnie Walker brands and price in Kenya

Johnnie Walker price in Kenya
Product Name Price Availability
johnnie walker black lable king size KES 20,000 Available
Johnnie Walker King George V KES 62,300 Available
johnnie walker blenders batch KES 7,500 Available
johnnie walker red label king size KES 11,500 Available
johnnie walker odyssey KES 140,500 Available
johnnie walker select cask KES 7,500 Available
Johnnie walker private collection (2017 edition) KES 90,500 Available
johnnie walker platinum label KES 9,000 - KES 11,000 Available
johnnie walker 18 years KES 8,800 - KES 11,000 Available
johnnie walker a song of ice KES 5,000 - KES 6,000 Available
johnnie walker gold label reserve KES 6,900 - KES 7,280 Available
johnnie walker blue label KES 24,000 - KES 27,000 Available
johnnie walker double black KES 5,199 Available
johnnie walker black label KES 3,299 - KES 3,890 Available
johnnie walker green label KES 6,200 Available
johnnie walker red label KES 2,250 - KES 2,650 Available
johnnie walker a song of fire KES 5,000 Available
johnnie walker swing KES 9,600 Available
Johnnie Walker X.R 21 years KES 22,000 Available
Johnnie walker red label gift pack KES 2,100 Available
The Johnnie Walker KES 699,500 Available
Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Years Speyside Origin KES 9,900 Available
Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Years Lowland Origin KES 9,900 Available
Johnnie Walker Black Label Triple Cask KES 5,350 Available
Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Years Highlands Origin KES 9,950 Out of stock


Johnnie Walker whisky is a blended scotch whisky. Blended from grains and single malts. From a grocery to the world, Johnnie Walker has taken scotch blended whisky to the world winning awards. Jonnie Walker whisky has taken the lead in blended scotch whisky sold at our online liquor store in Nairobi. From the volumes of sales made in the last three years, this whisky brand takes a fifth making it the most bought blended scotch whisky on our shelves. 

Johnnie Walker whisky brands are a blend of selectively chosen grain and single malts scotch whiskey. This requires skills and expertise to achieve a unique can be made from a collection of just a few single malt and grain whiskeys to more than 40 different whiskies. 

How does Johnnie Walker Whisky Taste?

The taste of Johnnie walker is dependent on the whiskies used to make the blend. Every single bottle tastes differently. Its approachable whisky lacks ‘peatiness ‘ brought about by fires used to dry malted barley. In general Walker’s whiskies are smooth and warm. They have fruits, malt, oak, and spice notes.  

How to drink Johnnie Walker Whisky 

Most of the Johnnie Walker brands are good for sipping or on rocks but this should not limit the cocktail lovers from trying them out. Red label finds its way into shots. 

Johnnie walker brands in Kenya

Johnnie Walker has a great range of blended whisky for starters, casual, and used drinkers. In this blended whisky we have :

Johnnie Walker Red Label 

A bottle that you will not miss at our online liquor shop. It's a blend of young single malts and grain whiskies. Distilled at 80% proof (40% Alcohol by Volume). It’s an entry-level whisky. Previously known as Extra Special Old Highland Whisky, red label whisky has a surprisingly rich, aromatic nose with heather honey, mixed peels, soft smoke, and rum spice. Cedarwood, oak, butterscotch, aniseed, Christmas cake, and malt palate. Long, spiced nose with smoke on the tail finish. It's a perfect match for any scotch cocktail.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 

Blue label is one of the most expensive whiskies. It's distilled to 80% to 86% proof (40% to 43% alcohol by volume) It's rare and a blend of rare whiskies. Johnnie walker's blue label has soft sherry, honey, and vanilla. According to Johnnie Walker, the best way to drink Blue label is “cool the palette with a glass of ice-cold spring water. 

 For very special occasions Johnnie walker's blue label comes in hardy. It’s a gift of a bottle of whisky that says ‘I value you. 

The whiskies used to blend this brand are from defunct distilleries in scotch. It’s surprisingly exceptional in that, in 10 thousand whiskies brands you might only find a single whiskey that fits the quality needed for blending Johnnie Walker black labels. For every occasion, Drinks vine online whiskey shop offers you the best dial a drink delivery services. 

Johnnie Walker Black Label

Black label is a complex blended scotch whiskey compared to Red label. It’s affordable. It's made of single malt and grain whiskies aged over 12 years. Johnnie Walker Black Label is distilled at 80% proof (40% alcohol by volume). 

Johnnie Walker Double Black

A complex blended Scotch whisky. Distilled at 80% proof (40% alcohol by volume). In your adventure to whisky blends, Johnnie walker double black should not miss in your cart. A mix of smoky, dried fruits and vanilla notes brings out the excitement in this whisky. . Blend whiskies selected from House of Walker‘s Reserves, some are aged in deep ex-bourbon and sherry casks. 

Gold Label Reserve Johnnie Walker Whisky 

Sweet and smooth.Used selectively with cocktails. It’s 80% proof (40% alcohol by volume). Blended from 15 whiskies and has a long and strong light smoke, fruity finish. 


Johnnie Walker whisky has become a widely known brand in Kenya. At drinks vine, we endeavor to deliver drinks to Nairobi and Kenya. For all your drink orders visit our online whisky shop and enjoy our free delivery service within Nairobi.