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Wines in Kenya

Wine remains to be the most popular drink across the world. There are many types of wines in Kenya leading to a wide array of wines ranging from good cheap wines to expensive wines in Kenya. Wines have become an important part of our religious, social, and cultural life. Today, we not only take wine with almost all the food pairings but we gift our friends and family. There are three types of wines based on their color which include white wines, red whites, and rose’.

Wine is basically an alcoholic drink that is produced from fermented grapes. The grapes used to make wine are exceptionally smaller in size, sweeter, have thick skins, and contain seeds. Commercial wine companies use more than 1,300 types of wine grapes in the production of different types of wine. The types of grapes, yeast, and fermentation process results in different styles of wine largely known as wine folly. These styles can include still wins, sparkling wines, fortified wines, and aromatized wines.

Wines can further be classified as sweet, dry, and oaky, bitter, off-dry, acidic, bold, or smooth. These classifications are largely based on how the wine tastes in one’s mouth.

Although wines are produced in many parts of the world, France, Spain, and Italy remain the largest producers of wine. They are famous for the best quality wines in the world, and most popular wine types of wine. South African Wines are also gaining popularity in Kenya and across the world. Wines get their color from the grape skins


Types of Wine in Kenya and their prices.

Wines can be classified into five major categories.

·     Red Wine

·     White Wine

·     Rose Wine

·     Sparkling Wine

·     Champagne

All the types of wines in the world fit in at least one of the categories. Some wines can fit in two of the categories. For instance, there are red sparkling wines, white sparkling wine, and sparkling champagnes.


Wine Classifications based on Grape Varieties

Red Wine Types

Syrah/Shiraz – plum and chocolate, full-bodied, dry, blueberry flavors

Cabernet Sauvignon – full bodied, flavors, dry, black currant, and black cherry.

Pinot Noir – light-to medium bodied, fruit and berry flavors, and off-dry

Merlot- Medium-to full-bodied

Zinfandel- Fruit flavors and berry, off-dry, high alcohol, medium-to-full-body

Malbec – Dry, full-bodied, chocolate, flavors of dark fruit

Types of white wine

Sauvignon Blanc – has green fresh fruity flavors, off-dry, acidic, and light-to-medium bodied.

Chardonnay – citrus, flavors of apple, dry, medium bodied, and tropical fruit flavors.

Pinot Grigio/Gris – light to medium –bodied, light fruit flavors, citrus, off-dry.

Riesling – fruity flavors of lime and apple, off-dry to white, light bodied.

Moscato (Muscat) – juicy fruity flavor, sweet, light-bodied.


Rose’ wines are produced from black/red grapes. However, these grapes are lighter in color compared to red wine because the skins are only left to macerate in the grape juice for some time. There are many different types of Rose wine. Types of Rose’ wine can vary just as much white and red wines, from sweet and dry, and are made from all different types of grapes.

Sparkling Wines

The difference between sparkling wine and other types of fine is the bubbles. The bubbles result from the carbon dioxide that gets trapped in the wine during the second part of the fermentation process. The grapes can range from different types of grapes.

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