Nothing connotes celebrations like popping a nice bottle of Champagne. All occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, bridal showers, and graduations deserve a premium sparkling champagne to bring a sparkle to these special occasions. We got the best champagne including ace of spades, pink champagne, brut champagne, rose champagne, and Moet champagne including all other types of cheap and expensive champagne wine brands.

LiquorStream stocks a huge collection of classy, sophisticated, and classy champagnes from all parts of the world. Most types of champagne are dry with high acidity levels and a fine, elegant mousse. As a luxurious wine, champagne tends to be more expensive and the most iconic wine compared to other sparkling wines. We offer all types of champagne at the best champagne prices in Kenya and offer free home/office delivery within Nairobi.

What is Champagne?

Champagne is a specific type of sparkling wine that is produced in the Champagne region in France. Champagne is produced from blending three types of grapes including Pinot Meunier (red grapes), Chardonnay (white grapes), and Pinot Noir (red grapes). Before fermentation, the skins of the red grapes are first removed thus giving rise to the white wine.

The technique used in the production of Champagne is known as Methode Champenoise, which is a second fermentation process that allows carbonation. This results in a well-balanced champagne with unmatched freshness and inimitable elegance. The unhurried aging and sophisticated fermentation process also give champagne nutty and alluring yeasty aromas.

Champagne Styles

Champagnes come in many styles from which you can select depending on the preference. These styles/categories include; Brut, Rose, Blanc de Blanc, Vintage, Non-Vintage, and Demi sec. Most wines are typically non-vintage, blended with multiple vintages (aged champagnes from different years).

Presently, most champagnes are drier with sweeter styles becoming rare. Most people prefer drier champagnes, making them more popular. You can also order non-alcoholic champagne in Kenya from our online liquor shop.

What Causes Champagne to sparkle?

The bubbling of the champagne is caused by the effervescence that occurs when carbon dioxide gas is released upon popping the bottle of champagne. The experience brought by popping a bottle of champagne during the luxurious occasion is mind-blowing.  

Champagne Pairings

Champagnes pair well with many different types of foods. To get the best pairings, match the champagne style, the occasion, and the foods. For instance, sweet champagnes pair well with sweet desserts while brut champagnes pair well with most foods due to its rich texture.

The best thing about any bottle of champagne is that it will definitely tickle the palate to create a refreshing effect that goes well with oysters, roasted chicken, and cream sauce-based meals.  

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