Jack Daniels brands and prices in kenya

Jack daniels price in Kenya
Product Name Price Availability
jack daniels bond KES 6,000 Available
jack daniel's tennessee fire KES 4,100 - KES 4,300 Available
jack daniels honey KES 3,975 - KES 4,400 Available
jack daniel's old No. 7 KES 3,700 - KES 14,700 Available
jack daniels silver select KES 6,300 Available
jack daniels sinatra KES 20,000 Available
gentleman jack KES 5,300 - KES 6,400 Available
jack daniel single barrel KES 5,999 Available
jack daniels master distiller series No.2 KES 6,500 Available
Jack Daniels Tennessee Cola KES 395 Available
Jack Daniels No. 27 gold KES 19,499 Available
Jack Daniels Old No 7 Legacy Edition 2 KES 7,899 Available
Jack Daniel’s Honey and Lemonade KES 385 - KES 395 Available
Jack Daniels Apple KES 4,399 Available
Jack Daniels Old No 7 Legacy Edition KES 4,850 Available
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple Liqueur and Tonic KES 375 Available
Jack Daniels Master Distillers Series No 3 KES 4,850 Available
Jack Daniels Rye KES 5,300 - KES 6,100 Available


Jack Daniel's is an American whisky produced at Lynchburg in Tennessee District. The Jack Daniel distillery was established in 1886 by Jasper Newton Daniel, known as Jack. Jack Daniel's brand has taken the world by storm. Jack Daniels has won multiple accolades in the world. Jack Daniel’s is on the top list of whiskeys in Kenya. JD whiskey has several popular brands online in Kenya. Jack Daniel Honey, Jack Daniel Tennessee Rye, Jack Daniel Single Barrel, Gentleman Jack, Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, Jack Daniel Tennessee Fire, Jack Daniel Tennessee Honey, Jack Daniel old No. 7 gold, Jack Daniel Bond, Jack Daniel Sinatra.

The master distillers at the Jack Daniels whisky do a superb job. They make sure the whisky maintains its reputation and is still highly regarded as the best of taste in the industry.  

Jack Daniels distillery makes their barrels to control the quality of their whiskey without reliance on the supply of barrels from outside. It brings uniqueness to their whisky as most distilleries depend on barrels manufactured elsewhere.

How is Jack Daniel’s whiskey made?

Jack Daniel's dripped slowly - drop-by-drop - through ten feet of firmly packed charcoal before going into new charred oak barrels for maturation, giving the whisky its smoky scent. This process gives Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey its rare smoothness. The extra step - charcoal mellowing – makes Jack Daniel's a Tennessee Whiskey.

How do you drink JD?

Jack Daniel’s can be taken straight, on the rocks, with ginger ale, or with some water. It’s also good in cocktails. For cocktails, no perfect way to do them. The creativity of the bartender matters. 

Is Jack Daniels bourbon?

Jack Daniels is charcoal-filtered, forbidden for bourbon. It's a Tenessee whiskey. 

Why does Jack Daniels whiskey have no aging statement?

Most Jack Daniel’s products have no aging statement. Jack Daniel himself inspected how the whiskey looked, smelled, and tasted. Even today, Tennessee Whiskey has still judged whiskey the same way to maintain its top quality. In Kenya, you can get Jack Daniel’s products at Dial a delivery at the best prices and discounts. Call us now for the best Jack Daniels price in Kenya.

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Jack Daniels is among the popular whiskies brands in Kenya. Make your order today at our online whiskey shop. We advice you always drink responsibly .