Fast liquor delivery near me

Reliable online delivery services make our lives easier, especially in today's busy life. For sure, Home delivery services are a blessing as they eliminate the hustle of running shopping errands. They are a virtual shop near us.


Published on 23 Oct, 2023

No doubt, online delivery services have gained momentum in recent years. Today, almost everything is being sold online. Most people are conversant with some of the best online delivery services, such as food delivery services, grocery delivery services, parcel delivery services, liquor delivery services, and home essentials delivery services. 

Reliable online delivery services make our lives easier, especially in today's busy life. For sure, Home delivery services are a blessing as they eliminate the hustle of running shopping errands. They are a virtual shop near us. Even though there are many online delivery services available, not all suit your needs or are trustworthy. It pays to have a reliable, efficient, and trustworthy delivery service provider at your disposal.

Liquor Stream is a 24-hour liquor store offering speedy drink delivery service. We are a liquor store in your palm, offering same-day door-to-door delivery in Nairobi and its environs. Outside Nairobi, we deliver within 24 hours to 48 hours. With just a few clicks of a button, you can effortlessly order your favourite or regular drink at our store and have it delivered wherever you are in a few minutes. If you are caught up at work and need a refreshing drink, don’t hesitate to give us a call to place an order, and we will deliver in a couple of minutes. Why choose Liquor Stream to deliver your best liquor brand? Here are reasons why you should choose us to serve you.

What does the Liquor Stream deliver?

Liquor Stream mainly specializes in drink delivery in Kenya. We have a wide range of drinks, which we source from licensed distributors locally and internationally. We provide customized liquor delivery services. Offering customized services is our pride. You can opt for the following delivery services.

Alcoholic drinks. You can narrow your search to wines, beers, and all types of spirits.

Non-alcoholic drinks

Gift delivery

Cigarettes deliveries

Condom delivery

Vape delivery

How do I benefit from choosing Liquor Stream delivery services?

One of the reasons to choose one vendor over the other is to get the most of your money and the best customer service. Liquor Stream is one of the top online liquor stores in Nairobi, and we endeavour to offer the very best services you can ever imagine. Besides the regular benefits offered by most online liquor stores, here are the extra benefits of choosing us.

Easy to reach us - Once you contact us, our staff pick up your call almost instantly. You are not taken around the call centre or kept waiting. Each customer is treated with utmost priority. We focus on individual customer service, ensuring customers’ needs are met without delay. If you need to make amends to your order, we are more than ready to help.

We are the fastest liquor delivery store near you – we are the fastest dial-a-drink service in Nairobi. During the day, it takes us between 10 minutes and 30 minutes to deliver your drinks. Of course, this depends on your location. Imagine how fast we will be for a late-night delivery. With online purchases, no traffic to beat and no disturbance on the way. We are the fastest liquor store near you.

Surprise alcohol gift delivery – how about a surprise delivery to your special one at his/her workplace? Just make sure he/she is the boss, or you gonna have problems. If that does not work, let us do home delivery. Do not worry that we will close too early before you can make a delivery of his/her favourite wine. That is where reliable alcohol delivery comes in handy. We ensure every delivery is delivered within the required time. 

Delivery to me – after easy online shopping on our website or via call/WhatsApp, relax and wait for the delivery. We offer the most reliable alcohol delivery in Nairobi. Even better, it is free for most locations within Nairobi. Speedy delivery and free, in the same sentence? How great can that be? Shop with us and find out.

Confidentiality – We are always protective of our client's details. Before placing an online order, your major concern is how safe the information you give is. We keep our client information confidential and use it for business purposes only. You are assured of professional handling of the basic information required to complete your order.

Reliable service – reliability is key to any business success. Liquor Stream is a trustworthy online liquor shop, and we understand trust is crucial. We deliver on our promises consistently to our customers. Our dedication to providing total satisfaction to our customers is unwavering. We deliver even in poor weather conditions. Our dedicated delivery team is on the road 24/7 hour to deliver your drinks. If you are looking for a fast and reliable service anytime, Liquor Stream Wines & Spirits Shop is your best option. Our dedicated staff take their work seriously and offer a personal experience. We are open late at night to allow you to shop at the most convenient time with you. No matter the hour, we are more than ready to serve you.

Most affordable prices - Besides being reliable, we provide affordable pricing. Our delivery within Nairobi is free, and outside Nairobi, the charges depend on your location regardless of the order size. You pay once you receive your product, and we support multiple payment options for your convenience.

Excellent, convenient, and customized delivery service - With different alcohol delivery service options available at your disposal, you need to pick the best that is most convenient for you. Liquor Stream is a reliable online liquor store offering on-demand drink delivery services. We have a pool of dedicated delivery personnel to ensure your delivery reaches your destination at any time you need it. Our delivery services go beyond just delivering drinking. We also offer gift delivery, cigarette delivery, and even condom delivery. Our customer support team is dedicated and focused on providing the best services possible. All this is to ensure you get the best service you need.

Which locations does Liquor Stream deliver to?

Our delivery service covers all the regions within Kenya's territory. We cover every part of the county, from Mombasa, Nakuru, Narok, Eldoret, and Lamu to any other town in Kenya. We are looking forward to partnering with international companies to extend beyond Kenya's boundaries. Delivery within Nairobi city is free, but locations outside the city attract a pocket-friendly delivery cost.

What is the delivery time?

Liquor Stream delivery time depends on your location. All orders within the city delivery take a few minutes or same-day delivery as per your instruction. Areas outside delivery may also enjoy same-day delivery, but in most areas, we offer next-day delivery depending on how far you are. So order your favourite drink from any part of the country, and we will deliver.

Need a drink delivered without leaving the comfort of the couch? Why not try Liquor Stream liquor delivery? We are the liquor store nearest to you. Delivery in 20 minutes? I would call that pretty near. Visit our online liquor shop, explore what we have, including products on offer and trending brands, pick what strikes your fancy, and place an order. 

It does not matter whether you are too busy in the office or you are working late, place an order with us, and we will deliver where and when you want it. Try our 24-hour alcohol delivery service in Nairobi and experience professionalism at its best. No matter the order size, either is a bulk order for a party or just a refreshing wine to pass your evening, Liquor Stream wine shop got you covered! For any inquiries or to order, feel free to contact us anytime, and we will be more than happy to offer assistance.


Published on 23 Oct, 2023